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Syngineering Solutions offers services in each of the four major business landscapes found around the world. In consultation and collaboration with our customers, we help them develop skills through the change process so they have the capacity to continually respond to new changes in their industry specific circumstances (Landscape). We help align your enterprise's strategy and culture to meet your industry's competitive demand. In all of our projects we utilize 6 foundational change principles.

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“Whether you are leading, sponsoring, or participating in corporate change, Syngineering can help you understand the specifics of your organization’s circumstances and determine the right approach to build in agility. The three case studies reveal the wort’s, sacred cows and reality that is rarely revealed, and which brings the book to life. They span a wide range: a family-centered retail business network that adapted the process to the culture and circumstances; a multi-national joint venture commodity producer whose leaders posed the greatest threat to the effort; and a business-to-business public sector IT provider whose leader departed before the finish line. The rich and concise discussion of their cases highlights how the approach works in the real world. Chocked full of practical tools with solid guidance throughout. From the common-sense idea of using the organizations’ own language to the critical relationship between culture and design, as the 4 detailed approaches for change for each of 4 generic cultures found around the world, sets this book apart from others.”

– Naomi Stanford, author of Organization Design: The Practitioner’s Guide, Organization Design: Engaging with Change, Organization Design, the Collaborative Approach, The Economist Guide to Organization Design, Corporate Culture: Getting it Right, and Organizational Health: an integrated approach to building optimum performance

The New World Requires New Thinking and New Behaviors

How to Prepare or Respond to Disruption, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity? As organization design consultants, the authors focus our work on accelerating the vital few changes that can truly align organizations with their strategy.

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New Approaches to Change in a New World

This isn’t your grandfather’s approach to Change Mangement, Project Management, Organization Design or Organization Development. Our consulting approach has likewise shifted. Current proprietary one-size-fits-all approaches to change gloss over the diverse reality of people, businesses, industries, and globalization inherent in an ever shrinking world of data and information access.

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