Government in Crisis: Safety or Services, Opportunity or Threat

How is your organization doing in the pandemic? Thriving? Treading water? Or pulled back, furloughing staff, with plans on hold? Companies, nonprofits and public sector organizations are all in jeopardy. Sobering, especially where the pandemic only accelerated continuing trends towards volatility and complexity.

Mastering Agile Organization Design Certification for the Public Sector

We are proud to announce a brand new Mastering Agile Organization Design for the Public Sector Certification program, designed to help government professionals guide their agencies to become more agile, adaptive, and responsive to their stakeholders' needs and requirements.

False Flags: Why 80% of Public Sector Change Efforts Fail

In this, my first in a series of blogs, I will take a moment to provide a snapshot of what else distinguishes what we are calling “Syngineering.” It integrates two key Gestalt principles, Sensing, and Cycle of Experience to organically build agility into an organization’s DNA throughout the design process.

Human Dynamics

Four Fundamentals of Human Dynamics in Organization Design

As one of the co-founders of the South African ODN Flourish Conference, I returned to Cape Town South Africa in September for its 5th annual conference, which this year was jointly hosted with the International Organization Development Association (IODA).

Organization Alignment

Six Fundamental Principles to Accelerate

Over the years, expanding research on change, as well as what we have observed in our work, and that of others around the world, the following fundamental principles are common and essential for alignment and sustainable change.