New Approaches to Change in a New World

This isn’t your grandfather’s approach to Change Mangement, Project Management, Organization Design or Organization Development.

Our consulting approach has likewise shifted. Current proprietary one-size-fits-all approaches to change gloss over the diverse reality of people, businesses, industries, and globalization inherent in an ever shrinking world of data and information access. We not only recognize this diversity but offer the opportunity to use it. By replacing yesterday’s linear thinking with just a few well-understood multiple dimensions, we can formulate approaches that fit the reality of the different organizations around the world and are tailored to their industry, business landscape, generic strategy, and corporate culture.

Our approach is for any of you who want to accelerate meaningful change: in your organizations, your communities or in the world you serve. You may already be active in leading and facilitating change. You may be a multi-disciplinary professional who leads such change efforts occasionally. Or you may be a sponsor or broker who oversees or resources such change efforts. Regardless of your background or position, our SPEED framework can demystify designing organizations. It embodies the New Thinking, New Behaviors, and New Approaches above. While no ‘silver bullet’, it can get you past outdated rules and into contemporary understandings of individuals, enterprises, and the environments within which they operate. It can help you Accelerate your business to the Speed of Success in today’s New World.