Who We Are

Syngineering Solutions is a partnership of three senior organization consultants: Rich Thayer, Bill Zybach, and Monique Carnino. They have between them significant experience in large and small for-profits, non-profits, and government agencies. We are part of a loose network of world class organization consulting practitioners including Naomi Stanford, Dick and Emily Axelrod, Stu Winby, Glenda Eoyang, and Lisa Kimball.

How We Are Different

We combine best practices from multiple disciplines (strategy, organization design, project management, organizational psychology, change management, systems thinking, and organization development) into an integrated and comprehensive approach. We adjust our engagement and change methods in line with your organizational culture and the external environment you are operating in. We have a proven methodology and a long track record of projects we can draw from in various industries and organizational types. Our tools, techniques and approach combined with your commitment and dedication can mean success even in the face of outside forces that can’t be predicted, anticipated, or managed.

Bill Zybach

Bill Zybach has a long history of supporting organizational change in government and the public sector. During the Bill Clinton administration, he worked on “reinventing government”, which led to a balanced federal budget and increased public confidence in government. He helped build state level agencies in Washington DC to support its ongoing statehood drive, and brings organization design principles to the local, regional and national government, business and not-for profits. Bill lives in the Washington DC area.

Rich Thayer

Rich Thayer for years supported organization design efforts for Royal Dutch Shell in its global activities. His early career in research science provided tools that helped him analyze and understand the complex landscapes involved in multiple stakeholder capital intensive joint ventures. Many of these projects required the development of a high-performing strategic leadership function. Rich lives in the Baltimore Maryland area.

Monique Carnino

Monique Carnino has over twenty years of experience working with executive management teams and individual clients to bring about bottom line performance improvement results and changes in the way people work, think and behave. She often works in high pressure, highly ambiguous environments. She currently lives in Houston Texas and is an external consultant with Chevron.


Organization Design Forum

The Organization Design Forum is an association of practitioners intent on sharing knowledge, creating community, and promoting excellence in practice to help organizations around the world be effective, successful, and inspiring places to work.

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Organization Development Network

The OD Network serves change agents by creating a global community for exchanging best practices, opportunities to interact with thought leaders and access to leading edge practices, tools and technologies. As a result, our members create change and sustainable impact in today’s organizations, communities and beyond.

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European Organization Design Forum

The European Organisation Design Forum builds and advances the community, practice, and leadership of the field of Organisation Design and its strategic role in the connectivity to other disciplines.

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Plexus Institute

Plexus is a professional network that addresses real-world challenges through the understanding, advancement and diffusion of ideas and practices rooted in the principles of complexity.

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Organization Design Community

We seek to be the preeminent community where research, practice, and learning intersect to produce valuable design knowledge and applications.

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Human Systems Dynamics

Human systems dynamics offers powerful theory and practice to transform intractable problems into patterns of possibility.

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